The era of AI, and especially generative AI, brings significant opportunities for newsrooms and publishers: AI can assist in creating and improving content or help to do deeper analysis of information and data. It can also enhance the user experience on news websites. Newsrooms also use AI to find new formats for delivering information. But there are, at the same time, new challenges for journalists, publishers and society, like the potential growth and spread of misinformation and topics around privacy, copyright, bias and others.

The Newsroom AI Catalyst accelerator program is not just about the opportunities; it’s about addressing these challenges. It will assist 128 newsrooms across Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and South Asia. This intensive program combines expert guidance with hands-on experience, equipping newsroom stakeholders with the knowledge and tools to drive strategic AI initiatives. OpenAI, the AI research and deployment company behind ChatGPT, is funding and providing technical assistance to the initiative.

News enterprises across the globe have come under pressure from declining advertising and print subscription revenues. The adversity confronting news leaves communities without access to a shared basis of facts and shared values and puts democracy itself at risk. AI technologies can positively influence news organisations’ sustainability as long as you quickly grasp the stakes and understand how to turn it to your advantage.” said Vincent Peyrègne, CEO of WAN-IFRA. “I am delighted by the support of OpenAI to help the newsrooms through the adoption of AI technologies to provide high-quality journalism that is the cornerstone of the news business,” he added.

At OpenAI, we are committed to harnessing the transformative power of AI to expand opportunities broadly. This program is designed to turbocharge the capabilities of 128 newsrooms across Europe, Asia and Latin America in collaboration with WAN-IFRA,” said Tom Rubin, Chief of Intellectual Property and Content at OpenAI. “We are excited to collaborate with WAN-IFRA and news publishers worldwide to cultivate a healthy, sustainable ecosystem that promotes  quality journalism.”

Program Outline and Outcomes

The accelerator program lasts three months per team and includes learning modules, hands-on workshops, a mini hackathon, and a showcase. The program will start with an in-person workshop for the participants and coaches to get to know each other and kick-start the AI prototyping project. Participants will leave the program with a clear idea and plan on how to roll out AI in their newsroom.


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