After two years of development with colleagues from across Europe, WAN-IFRA is proud to present at the World News Media Congress NewsArcade, an innovative, interactive digital tool aimed at boosting media literacy and critical thinking skills in youth.

NewsArcade-Seriously Play the News is a collaborative project that aims to promote critical thinking by uniting journalism and news consumption in gamification. Designed by game developers in conjunction with researchers, publishers and educators, the News Arcade Author tool is set to transform our understanding of news storytelling in an engaging, interactive educational experience.  What’s more, the game provides a fresh approach to education and training for newsrooms and journalism educators.

The two-year project, started in October 2022, has undergone stringent trials, pilot tests and iterations, and is set for final test in June and July, ahead of its official launch in August.

In the upcoming days  News Arcade will be presented to a diverse youth audience on Sunday 26 May at the Global Youth News Lab workshop and to news media leaders at WAN-IFRA’s World News Media Congress on Wednesday 29 May at 10:20. These engagements with a wider audience of stakeholders will serve to gather feedback, further refine the tool’s educational character and ensure the transformation of news consumption into a seamless, enriching experience.

Authoring: a new tool of the trade

The only game on the market based on real, evolving news, the NewsArcade Authoring Tool will be embedded in news media websites, and curate a diverse collection of news articles from trusted sources across different domains.

By offering a user-friendly interface and personalised news recommendations, NewsArcade empowers individuals to access relevant and reliable information effortlessly. The game is designed to strengthen the bond with existing audiences, and create new connections with distant potential audiences, by immersing the reader in the experience of news storytelling and production.

Promoting Media Literacy and Critical Thinking

News media plays a vital role in society, but news consumption has changed: a prevalence of mis-and disinformation has led to increased news avoidance and decimated trust in news. The digital revolution has been instrumental in the increasing threats and challenges to the sustainability of news media: the need for media literacy and critical thinking is evident.

Join us on our mission to empower individuals with the skills to discern accurate information from misinformation. You will find NewsArcade at the Expo during the whole World News Media Congress, and consider booking your seat for the Global Youth News Lab this coming Sunday, at International People’s College in Elsinore.

NewsArcade is a 2-year project co-funded by the European Education and Culture Executive
Agency as part of Creative Europe- Media, and involves eight partners from five European countries:
DIAS Media Productions (Project Coordinator,  Cyprus); IN2 Digital Innovations (Germany); Portaplay APS (Denmark); WAN-IFRA (France); Alliance de la Presse d’Information Generale (APIG, France); Syddansk Universitet (SDU, Denmark), Sud Ouest (France) and Stichting Nederlands Instituut Voor Beeld en Geluid (NISV, Netherlands).

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