AI Unlocked will produce one webinar a month and a website of resources. Additionally, WAN-IFRA is building a community of practice for media experts who can share their ideas, concepts, and experiences through a dedicated and curated online forum. The programme is meant for anyone interested in AI within a news media company. While the AI Unlocked programme is complimentary for WAN-IFRA members, it welcomes participation from all interested parties.


WAN-IFRA is teaming up with FATHM, a London-based media lab, news consultancy, and creative studio with extensive expertise in Artificial Intelligence in the news media sector. “Helping newsrooms map out implementable solutions for AI in 2024 is a key priority for FATHM. We are delighted to partner with WAN-IFRA to support its members and the wider journalism community with resources and solutions that will work from the newsroom to the c-suite,” says Fergus Bell, Chief Executive Officer of FATHM.


AI is a transformative power for the news media. It presents a wide range of possibilities and challenges, spanning content creation, generation and automation, personalized content distribution, data analysis and interpretation, as well as fact-checking and validation. Additionally, AI can improve language translation, optimize search capabilities, automate routine tasks, enable predictive analytics, and enhance resource management efficiency.


But where should publishers start, or which area should they focus first? What resources do you need to make progress? Which path are you taking, and which are you not? “AI Unlocked” is designed to lead participants through the intricate landscape of AI opportunities and challenges. The programme includes virtual sessions with industry experts and an immersive workshop at WAN-IFRA’s World News Media Congress in Copenhagen scheduled for May as the initial offering.


Launch on February 27


The AI Unlocked launch webinar, headlined “How to enable your organization for AI adoption”, will take place on February 27 at 3 p.m. CET. Hear from Laurens Vreekamp, the well-esteemed Author on AI and Associate Consultant of FATHM, on how to steer your media company in the era of Artificial Intelligence! AI in 2023 was all hype and experiment. In 2024, the focus will shift to what works, what’s helpful and what can be rolled out at scale across an organization. This discussion will highlight the building blocks required to move from stand-alone projects to full-scale production, including setting up multidisciplinary teams, skills recruitment, training investment, and technical infrastructure.


Join the Inaugural Session on February 27 Registration to AI Unlocked / access to webinars are open on AI Unlocked.

Contact and Inquiries

For more information about the AI Unlocked programme and how to get involved, please visit AI Unlocked or contact Martin Fröhlich, Director Digital Revenue Network at WAN-IFRA,

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