The Google News Initiative (GNI) and WAN-IFRA are offering a series of digital transformation workshops for news publishers in Thailand, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Major changes in the news publishing industry have been accelerated by the pandemic. News publishers are working to find new revenue streams to sustain their businesses. The news publishing industry, especially in Asia has been searching for ways to diversify income, adopt strategies that are best suited for their customers, and grow revenue.

In an era where digitisation is the way forward, revenue from digital may sound natural progression for the publishers, but sustainability of the revenue is a big challenge many publishers are grappling with. In order to address this, WAN-IFRA has partnered with Google News Initiative (GNI) to brew strategies and provide localised insights to cater to the publishers’ needs.

The Digital Growth Program offers a bird’s-eye view of the digital business landscape in Thailand, Pakistan and Bangladesh and aims to help  answer the key questions of news publishers in these countries. The programme comprises four workshops that will provide a glimpse of how to build a sustainable digital business model with specific details on each country’s maturity.

The programme, which is specifically tailored for news publishers in these three countries, will bring a local lens to the global programme through prominent speakers, trainers and case-studies. The Digital Growth Program has been built with industry experts, news leaders, and numerous initiatives that were conducted by the GNI on a global level.

The sessions held over a span of more than one month (depending on the dates), aim to help publishers leverage the best of both worlds in terms of the global trends and strategies that are considered industry standard in digital transformation, and how publishers can apply these strategies on a local level.

Local industry leaders of each region would present success stories and case-studies throughout the workshop, in virtual format.

While the programme would focus on Reader Revenue for Thailand, it would focus on Digital Advertising for Pakistan and Bangladesh. Participants can expect exercises, short-guides and a playbook to refer to post the workshops.


Each participant will also receive a certificate on completion of the workshop.

The workshops are open to all publishers across the market and will be conducted in local languages, Thai, Urdu and Bangla for Thailand, Pakistan and Bangladesh respectively.

To register, please click on the links below.

Thailand: Register here.
Pakistan: Register here.
Bangladesh: Register here.

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