Press freedom is something that all journalists in any country should enjoy in order to do their work comfortably. However, many reporters, including in Uganda, find themselves working under difficult conditions. From stringent laws to harsh environments, reporters have to navigate different kinds of hurdles in order to have important stories published.

An environment where press freedom thrives enables the media to do thorough investigative pieces, to hold those in authority accountable, and to provide important information to the citizenry.


The Media Freedom Committee Grants on Reporting on Press Freedom aim to help journalists report stories that:

Showcase solutions that address press freedom challenges
Make use of multimedia formats in reporting
Create an impact in the communities
Share information previously little known or unknown


Content should be produced in English and stories that are multimedia in nature are highly encouraged.

To apply, you can access the application form here.

You can find out more details about eligibility for the grant here.


Deadline for application is July 11, 2022.

Only successful applicants will be contacted and they will have 6 weeks to complete their project. Funding for this initiative comes via the generous support of WAN-IFRA Media Freedom.

The Media Freedom Committee will ask for copies of all work produced and will showcase this work across its digital platforms.

Still have questions? Contact us at:

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