Season 4, Episode 6: News organisations around the world are facing a new digital reality. In order to survive, they must not only hold onto their audiences, but also build new ones. How are African news media using innovation to address these issues? While innovative ideas tend to be tech-focused, the fundamental issue for many African media organisations is not just about technology, it’s also about how the news itself is reported and presented – and especially, how the continent is portrayed, and the narratives around it.

In this episode:

Chris Roper, Deputy CEO, Code for Africa, South Africa

Nigel Mugamu, Chief Storyteller, 263Chat, Zimbabwe

Moky Makura, Executive Director, Africa No Filter

The Backstory production team is Andrew Heslop, Mariona Sanz, Irene Abalo, Colette Davidson and Sarah Elzas, who edited and mixed the episode.

Music in this episode: Something Elated by Broke for Free.

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