Season 4, Episode 4: Africa’s youth population is booming and it’s a demographic that cares deeply about the issues that affect our world. But capturing the attention of young people means understanding what news they want and how they want to get it. Legacy media across the continent are reassessing their offer, while innovative platforms featuring images and video are growing in popularity. In this episode of The Backstory, we’ll look at the ways in which news organisations across Africa are trying to attract – and keep – younger audiences.

In this episode:

Tshepo Tshabalala, Director of Jamlab Africa in South Africa

Kanyinsola Aroyewun, Head of Marketing and Content Growth at Pulse, Nigeria

Edwin Madu, Editor in chief of Zikoko, Nigeria

Yusuf Omar, Co-Founder Hashtag Our Stories

The Backstory production team is Andrew Heslop, Mariona Sanz, Colette Davidson, Irene Abalo and Sarah Elzas, who edited and mixed the episode.

Music in this episode: Simple Hop by Broke for Free.

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