25 February 2022

WAN-IFRA encourages all news organisations to endeavour to ensure any journalist covering the conflict, including freelance correspondents or local stringers they may engage, has the relevant training and equipment to do so as safely as possible.

There are also a number of considerations for newsroom editors and managers to be aware of when it comes to commissioning and directing staff or freelance contributors from distance.

Below are a selection of resources and opportunities to which we draw your attention to help prioritise a culture of safety – at every level – as the world’s media navigates this unfolding conflict. Be sure to check back for regular updates and additional resources.

Read and re-publish WAN-IFRA’s statement on the need to protect journalists during the Ukraine crisis here.
Look out for an upcoming webinar focusing on how news editors are safely commissioning and running the story. More details to come soon.

From our colleagues at CPJ:

WAN-IFRA is part of The ACOS Alliance (A Culture of Safety Alliance) who have an excellent selection of physical and digital safety resources and links to updated information and opportunities.
Our friends at The Rory Peck Trust are offering grants to freelancers to support the costs of a temporary relocation, temporary accommodation, and costs of safety kits (flak jackets and helmets) https://rorypecktrust.org/freelance-assistance/crisis-fund/

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