The IFRA Research and Material Testing Centre have taken a new initiative to offer onsite training programs to IFRA members.  The main aim of the training programs is to provide the IFRA mem­bers with quality learning experience at a very affordable price. The advantage of having an onsite training program is that the publishing house need not spend huge money on transport and accommodation of the participants. Moreover, they can have a number of participants from both press and pre-press, who can attend the training program as a team and benefit.


Incase of physical training, the training program will be a good mix of classroom training, practical demonstrations and hands-on training for the participants.
Incase of webinar or online tutorial , it will be via zoom that covers ISO 12647-3 standards, color management, implementation process, ICQC contest definition and changes , GPQ evaluation methods, Q& A etc.



Module 1 : Introduction to ISO 12647-3

Color settings in Adobe Photoshop

Setting up Photoshop for color reproduction
Different profiles – Where and how to use
Exercise: Set up the color preferences in your computer

Scanner and Monitor calibration

Demonstration of monitor calibration
Demonstration of scanner profiling

Introduction to ISO 12647-3

Standards and requirements
Ten steps to implement ISO 12647-3

Dot gain calibration

Quality control measures in CTP system
RIP settings
How to print test strips as part of daily production
How to measure and analyse dot gain
RIP calibration to achieve 26% dot gain in press

Color gamut analysis

Introduction to L*a*b* color space
How to study the color gamut of a press – 2D analysis
How to determine the right Solid Ink Density for your paper and ink

Module 2 – INCQC Tutorial

Objective of the competition
Benefits of participation and INCQC Club membership
Overview of Time frame and deadlines
Description of INCQC 2010-2012 instructions and categories
File handling of the test element “IFRA Cuboid”
Training to use Spectrodensitometers and Register measurement device
Live measurement and evaluation of 1 copy by using the IFRA tool “Self-Check”
Measurement of multiple copies by the participants
Discussion of the generated reports
Description of the evaluation procedure of general print quality
Live general print quality evaluation of 1 copy
Team exercise for the participants to do print quality evaluation
Discussion, Questions and Closing


If you wish to teach your fellow employee or team about the ICQC contest or ISO 12647-3 standards or even wish to attend a public workshop or via public webinar.

Please do reach below

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