Do you want to include your publication title into the club of BEST NEWSPAPER PRINTERS in the world?

Are you a newspaper or magazine publisher continuously looking to thrive and improve print reproduction?

Do you want to increase your competitiveness and motivate your personnel in the organisation?

Then, the International Colour Quality Club (ICQC) contest,organised by World Printers Forum (WPF), is the right pick to showcase and demonstrate, how a well produced high quality newspaper of ISO 12647-3 quality standard stands out of the crowd.

The 16th International Colour Quality Contest is the worldwide biennial quality contest for newspapers and magazines with a goal is to improve the quality of reproduction and printing. Also aiming to increase healthy competitiveness and motivate the workforce, and spread the knowledge and know-how of the technical standards (ISO 12647-3, ISO 2846-2, etc).

The ICQC contest enables newspaper and magazine publishers to compete with their international and domestic peers. Participants will receive a detailed report on their printing quality and process capability with a benchmarking comparison and position against all other international peer participants to help and identify areas of improvement and implement corrective measures. It also provides a platform for publishers to showcase their printing quality and gain recognition for their efforts. 

The ICQC is open to all newspaper and magazine publishers worldwide. To participate, publishers must submit their printed products for evaluation. The evaluation is based on a set of ISO standards measured on the cuboid printed during the contest period, which cover various technical aspects and process capability parameters like news shade, dot gain, colour conformity, colour space and grey balances. Additionally, the evaluation is also carried out by a panel of experts, who evaluate the visual print quality from the reader’s perspective, which covers general printing quality, such as printed color accuracy, image sharpness and contrast and color registrations.

Self-Check , an online QC tool:

Also, WAN-IFRA offers an online tool to measure the print quality of newspapers as per ISO 12647-3 standards. Self-check can be subscribed for plans and can be used by publishers to measure the quality criterion and study process capabilities of the print production process,  which evaluates, newsshade, mid-tone , dot-gain, grey balance, colour space and conformity  and generates a complete quality report …KNOW MORE

Registration opens:

The ICQC 2024-2026 call for registration will start from 25th Jan 2024 and ends 15th April 2024



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