Journalists and photographers are putting their lives on the line every day to report from conflict and war zones. During the past year, we have lost too many colleagues who were working to bring the facts from the front lines to the public.

Now, more than ever, the world’s free media need to hold their heads high and demonstrate that a free press is vital for the infrastructure of democratic societies. Fortunately, the global unrest has also led more people to recognise the need for independent journalism.

The World News Media Congress in Copenhagen from 27-29 May 2024 is a welcome occasion to applaud the fantastic efforts journalists make daily to bring reliable information to the public. With Denmark’s strong tradition of a free press, we are excited to provide a platform for discussions on the future of journalistic media.

We look forward to addressing the opportunities and challenges that form the framework for the Congress. They unite the media industry across countries, people, and media types: from the large established media conglomerates to recently launched podcasters, the fight for critical, free, and independent media is the same.

In Copenhagen, we will share knowledge and experiences and introduce you to some of the most interesting cases for making journalism sustainable.

On behalf of the hosts, the Danish Media Association, and organisers WAN-IFRA, I do hope you will join us.

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