TEMS (Trusted European Media Data Space) is a joint undertaking of forty-three organisations representing hundreds of stakeholders from fourteen countries in the European cultural and creative sectors. It aims to conceive and implement a common media data space across Europe.

The initiative, supported by the European Commission’s Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL), is a core element in implementing the European Data Strategy. With an investment of EUR 16.5 million, the consortium represents a milestone in how the media sector can share and extract value from data. By doing so, TEMS aims to support the economic development and future growth of European local and regional media ecosystems.

Concretely, TEMS will lead the way for the large-scale deployment of cutting-edge services, infrastructures, and platforms. It will also address fighting misinformation, audience analysis, improving data flows in production chains, and supporting the adoption of AI and Virtual Reality technologies.

TEMS will evolve existing media platforms’ early-stage data space infrastructures and provide open access to shared data space for interested media stakeholders from any media sub-sector. The initiative will help digital transformation and improve the competitiveness of the European media industry.

“The project has a huge potential for Europe’s news publishers. WAN-IFRA will assist in creating a data space that seizes this opportunity and exploits the possibilities. TEMS can provide a framework for sustainability and development in times of economic and technological challenges for publishers. The wide scope of the data space corresponds to the various needs of the industry.“ said Vincent Peyregne, Chief Executive Officer of WAN-IFRA

“Leading the project that will shape the European Media Data Space is more than a strategic move. It’s a necessity now that data is the new currency. We want to script the future narrative of innovation in the digital age by generating sustainable data-driven businesses today.” Oscar Lazaro, CEO, Innovalia. ”

“Building these data spaces could make businesses feel much more confident that they could use data to develop their business and to develop their business models to rely much more on the digital economy.” commented Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice President of the European Commission in an interview to Euronews.

“EBU is actively supporting our members in their digital transformation,” said Antonio Arcidiacono, EBU Director of Technology & Innovation. “We are convinced a media data space will ease the development and adoption of data-driven technologies such as AI and foster innovation and collaboration along an increasingly complex value chain. It is crucial for our ability to face competition from dominating non-European platforms. It fulfils our obligations in public information, entertainment, and education, and do so in full respect of European rules and values.”

The official opening event of TEMS will take place at Euskal Irrati Telebista-EITB in Bilbao on 24 October 2023. The event will feature a presentation of the TEMS project and talks from Innovalia, France Télévisions, the European Commission, AFP and EITB, amongst others. Interested in attending? Register here: https://tems-dataspace.eu.

Contact and Inquiries

For more information, please contact: info@tems-dataspace.eu  or visit: www.tems-dataspace.eu . LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tems-eu

About WAN-IFRA. The World Association of News Publishers is the global organisation of the world’s press. Its mission is to protect the rights of journalists and publishers around the world to operate independent media. We provide our members with expertise and services to innovate and prosper in a digital world and perform their crucial role in society. It derives its authority from its global network of 3,000 news publishing companies and technology entrepreneurs, and its legitimacy from its 60 member publisher associations representing 18,000 publications in 120 countries. See more at: wan-ifra.org.

About TEMS – The TEMS consortium is coordinated by Innovalia Association and brings together the following partners (in alphabetical order): 1001 Lakes OY, ACATECH – Deutsche Akademie der Technikwissenschaften, Agence France-Presse, APA – Austria Presse Agentur (APA-IT, APA-DeFacto), Arctur, Asociation para el Desarrollo de la Economia del Dato (BAIDATA), Athens Technology Center Anonymi Viomichaniki Emporiki Kai Techniki Etaireia Efarmogon Ypsilis Technologias, CAP Digital, Comite International des Telecommunications de PresseAgentur, Commission Superieure Technique de l’Image et du son CST, Consultores de Automatización y Robótica, Cultural Broadcasting Archive, Verein zur Förderung Digitaler Kommunikation, Dawex Systems, De Vlaamse Radio en Televisieomroeporganisatie NV, DPA – Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH, EBU – Union Europeenne de Radio Television, EITB Media SA, Engineering – Ingegneria Informatica SPA, Europese Culturele Stichting, Fincons Group AG, France Télévisions, Henneo Media SA, Ikonomedia AD, Institut national de l’audiovisuel (INA), International Data Spaces EV, ISAN International Agency, Media City Bergen, Media-IO, Orange Business Services, Panodyssey, Procirep (Société des Producteurs de Cinéma et de Télévision), Schickler Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Sociedad de Proyectos para la Transformation Digital SA, Software Quality Systems SA, Startin’Blox, Swiss TXT AG, The Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision, WAN-IFRA World Association of News Publishers. tems-dataspace.eu.

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